What are we going to tell our daughters
Saturday, May 24, 2014 at 03:35PM
Janice Diner
To my network of strong and powerful woman in tech 


I never had to talk about being a “female” creative director in the adverting business. Now I find I always seem to have to talk about being a female CEO in tech, much to my surprise overall. Having spent the last few years in the tech space as CEO of a revenue generating software company Horizn, I am constantly shocked by the appalling lack of woman in the room. In every tech room in the last 3 years whether it’s a conference, a speaker event or a VC meeting, there are simply almost no woman in the room.


I have a daughter and I have a son and I wonder what to tell them. I find myself in a unique position, you see it appears start-ups are the family business… my husband is my partner, my daughter is shooting start-up video’s and my son is on his second university start-up as the CTO.


I just surfaced a recent blog post by Jeff Bussgang of Flybridge Capital, I thought I should share with all of you, a must read… on a sunny weekend in May


Cultural Dysfunction: The Lack of Women in VC  

A few other articles featured in the blog post above  stood out as well
Truthfully I do not know what to say to my son and daughter.
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