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Speaking on a panel for OMDC the panelists were tasked with discussing Generation C: The Connected Consumer

Our mission: The goal of this session is to see how connectivity with audiences is changing the way companies program or reshape content now. 

My response: From the perspective of a former ad agency creative director and current CEO of a social marketing technology company Horizn. With a firm belief, that technology enables brilliant creativity.

The concept of content viewed as stock and flow was first coined by Robin Sloan a media inventor and theorist.

Stock is the durable stuff. It’s the content you produce that’s as interesting in two months (or two years) as it is today. It’s what people discover via search. It’s what spreads slowly but surely, building fans over time.  Stock is the big content, or narrative a brand is used to producing.

Flow is the feed. It’s the posts and the tweets. It’s the stream of daily and sub-daily updates that remind people that you exist. Flow is the short bursts and lightweight interactions and content that represents the daily dialogue between the brand and its audiences.

The two overlap, Flow can become stock or a group of Flow content by its nature can be highly conceptual and a “big content idea”.

Example: Flow becomes Stock

Oreo’s Daily Twist, to celebrate the centennial of the perhaps the most iconic biscuit, Oreo created a campaign with 100 days of creative and whimsical visualizations of “America’s favourite cookie” from June 25th until October 2nd.Oreo posted commentary on cultural happenings through visuals made from Oreos themselves. Each piece of content on its own would likely be considered flow: a piece of content that’s interesting but only for a few days. By creating a content series, Oreo graduated into stock content. The final Daily Twist was decided by fans through a live event in Times Square.

Stock and Flow with Motorola Insiders Canada

Motorola ran a very successful program with our social technology software called Catalysta that uses “brand” STOCK and activates “user” FLOW. The stock, in the Motorola instance, is the brand/product content assets the product videos, and other assets. The platform then uses activation tactics, like gamification to spark the engagement with the “stock” and  “flow “ of the user-generate content inside the community through the discussions and user-generated tips. Motorola Insiders focuses on educating Sales Reps regarding Motorola phone usage and sales techniques while enabling the Sales Reps to earn points for their activity.


Coke a Cola – Content Marketing 2020 – Liquid and Linked 

Coke produced a series of videos on content marketing. An objective defined in the video Content Marketing 2020 is for the brand to move from creative excellence to content excellence. These words are to be taken seriously as Cokes business objective are aimed at doubling worldwide consumption of Coke by the year 2020. Cokes approach to content marketing is based on the idea of Liquid and Linked content.

How does content excellence approaches liquid and linked content development?

The purpose of content excellence is to produce ideas that are so contagious that can’t be controlled, they are “liquid” and these ideas are so inherently relevant to the brand, to the business objectives and to the consumer interests that they are called “linked”.

And through the stories that are told Coke will provoke conversations and earn a dis-proportioned share of popular culture. The conversation model therefore begins with brand stories that are create to be “Liquid” and “Linked”, ideas that provoke conversations that enable the brand to act and react to 365 days a year.


Coke goes on to talk about 2 key drivers that are very relevant to content producer of any kind, flow or stock, liquid or linked.

  1. A distribution of creativity, no one has all the ideas or stories and stories are easily distributed
    1. More stories are created about Coke by consumers then by the brand
  2. The distribution of technology, we now have greater connectivity and consumer empowerment then ever before


Technology is an enabler of brilliant creativity. And frankly great technology is equally creative. 

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